Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I acquire a MAG Instruments handpan?
Please write us to the
2What can I do, if I wish a Mag handpan, but I don't know exactly which tuning is the most suitable for me?
You can get to know with the most popular scales on the Instruments (link) subpage, furthermore you can find videos on the MAG Family (link) subpage. If you like to try a MAG Instruments handpan, please contact us at or write us on our Facebook page. We can arrange a personal meeting with you at our workshop in Győr, Hungary.
3Which scales can I choose?
You can find the most popular scales on the Instruments (link) subpage. We also can make almost any scales on demand, or expand the available scales with mutant and bottom notes.
4What are mutant notes and bottom notes?
Mutant notes are the extra complementary tone fields on the upper part of the instrument that, in addition to traditional circular placement, enrich the scale. Bottom notes are placed on the bottom half of the instrument, which can be ding or traditional tone field.
5Can I ask for a custom scale handpan?
Yes, of course, we make custom scale handpans., In this case a consultation is necessary, so please write us to
6What is the exact name: hang, hangdrum, pantam, hangpang, hangpad, hand drum or handpan?
The official names are "handpan" or "pantam", the rest is just misspelled or missuse of words. The original name was "hang" which is a registered trademark of PANart Hangbau AG.
7Does the handpan which I buy come with a hardcase or bag?
You can buy the hardcase separately up to 150 Euros from us. We offer Hardcase Technologies Evatek bags, which are padded and keep your Mag handpan stabile, so it's a good option for long journeys or for a walk. Each hardcase belongs to an outer pouch, has two snap-hooks for quick coupling to connect the two carabiner placed on the bag. Size: 60 x 27 x 16 cm. Weight: 200gr. 100% PL Antibacterial and waterproof.